This Is Just The Beginning Of Everything.

Mystic Men : Story & Lore

Mystic Men was born after a comic that our artist, Tom, has been working on in his free time for years. The storytelling will happen through art integrations, illustrations, announcements and tweets (it has, indeed already started).

Vision & Team

Our team is fully doxxed and full of talented people. We believe that there is still countless possibilities to bridge Web2 companies to Web3 and we have all the requirements to help in the process. There is so much that we are looking to do around the Mystic Men story, we plan to release a graphic novel and an animated series in the future. Also, we think that we can take the "merchandise" game to the next level, we are thinking about fashion, like... Fashion not just merch, we also look at the market and we are happy to see that some competitors are stepping up as well, but remember that there's plenty of things you can do with clothing, not just t-shirts & hoodies.

Staking & Mutations

We are planning to have a staking system for our NFTs, this would be extremely related to mutations and another mysterious object that mystics will receive. We have given so many hints on this through illustrations, tweets & games, if you want to dive deeper go take a look at the pinned tweet, read about the alchemical "Magnum Opus" and try to guess what will happen. The way we are designing our mutations is unique and fully coherent with our lore and also actual alchemy, that's not just some random versions of our pieces, we actually studied and we care about every detail. More teasers regarding this will come with illustrations, announcements and tweets, keep looking at the content we release if you want to know more.

Cool utility concept

It's not really about NFTs nor any utility you would normally think of, however, it is a cool feature that you can use for fun... or not. I know that I'm teasing but I'll give more info with the new illustrations coming out. Let's say that you will know how to do some things, you will receive answers. We are thinking about charging this service in our token, so that holders can benefit from it.